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Lightning Download Screenshots.
A picture is worth a thousand words. These show the basics about how Lightning Download looks and works!
Normally, Lightning Download just sits running down in your tray icons waiting to take over any downloads when you click on them in your web browser.
When you do click a file in your browser that Lightning Download should get for you, it first pops up a question asking if you want to Open the file (so it will be automatically saved on your computer and opened when done) or to Save the file (you can choose where it is saved, and can open it when you wish.)

Just like many other prompts in Lightning Download, this window shows a simple checkbox if you want to skip and not see it again.

When you do click Save on the window above (or did the checkbox to skip it) the Save As window will show so you can control where the file is saved on your computer, the name, etc.

This window also gives you some control over mirror searching and accelerating the download, running the file when it is done, etc.

After selecting where to save the file, the Download window shows. This window shows the status of the download such as how big the file is, how much has been downloaded, how much time is left, etc.

You can easily pause and resume the download here. And using the Options button (which shows a menu of choices) you can do things like setting the file to be run when the download finishes, etc.

That "Games" button? Downloads can take a long time, so instead of just watching the progress bar move, we've added so you can play a game! That Games button lets you play a game directly in this download window!

If you selected the Save options above, when your download has finished, Lightning Download will show this simple tip window. Clicking the text or image will let you easily run the file. (If you clicked Open on the "Save/Open" window, the file will run when it finishes downloading.)

You can click the little buttons to open the folder where the file was downloaded and more. Right click the window (when it pops up on your computer, not this sample image!) and you can choose how it will be shown--disappear after a few seconds, or say until you close it; solid or semi-transparent; etc.

If you want to see the status of all your downloads, you can open the Download Manager window by double-clicking on the tray icon (shown above).

This lets you see all the downloads you still have in progress, as well as all the downloads you have recently finished.

On the Download Manager, you can control how batches of files are downloaded, move downloads into different categories.

You can also set so Lightning Download will shutdown the computer or hangup the modem when the downloads finish. There are many other functions and choices in the menus and toolbar.

The Configuration window is another place where you can control many things about how Lightning Download works.

You can get to the configuration window by Right clicking the tray icon, then pick the "Options..." menu item. Or by clicking the button on the Download Manager window toolbar.

It lets you customize many of the options in Lightning Download to work just the way you want!

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