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Lightning Download

What's new with Lightning Download
Big features include:
  • Pause and Resume Downloads.
  • Accelerate Downloads. Can do up to 10 connections per file can increase you speed up to 1000%**
  • Site Storm - Web site file searcher (Leecher)
  • Automatic Mirror Search.
  • Automatic Downloading. In any file order you like.
  • Scheduled Downloading.
  • Browser Integration. Automatically detects and takes over downloads from your web browser.
  • History list to easily find finished downloads.
  • And everything else you'd expect from a Download Manager--dialing, hanging up your modem when done, and lots more.

  • Version 2.2
    Quite a few minor bug fixes and improvements.
    Version 2.1
    Major Bug fixes and Improvements in 2.1:
  • A number of Vista fixes and improvements.
  • New "Find Files" button links to convenient categories of software on our new FindFiles.com.
  • A lot of other minor bug fixes.

    Version 2.0
    Major Bug fixes and Improvements in 2.0:
  • New, more modern look!
  • Support for BitTorrent downloads!
  • New Save or Open window.
  • New Finished a Download tip window.
  • Play a game as you download, games from our own GetRight Arcade.
  • LOTS of little improvements and fixes.

    ** Actual acceleration will vary. Speeds will depend on your Internet connection, the servers you are downloading from, etc. The greatest speed improvement will happen if you are downloading from very slow servers.

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